Company Information


BAM Media was established in 2009 to serve the publishing need in Lesotho and beyond its borders. The company is an initiative of a triumvirate of directors with an exciting drive to be a platform that provides information for sharing and empowerment of societies which interact with it through provision of content in a format readable by anyone just by the flip of a page or the click of a button!

What we do

As Lesotho's leading media company, BAM Media operates business segments that span publishing, printing, and distribution of publications such as magazines, newspapers, books and related products, inclusive of digital content.

Our Drive
  • Passion for Excellence - we challenge ourselves to excel in all aspects of publishing and most importantly, we enjoy what we are doing.
  • Customer Oriented - we are committed to provide superior products and services at the highest level of quality and professionalism.
  • Our People - we treat our colleagues as individuals and we empower them to realize their full potential and contribution. We believe in open communication and share our success with everyone in the organization.
  • Innovation & Technology - we actively encourage a culture of innovation, which facilitates the development of new technologies and ensures a high quality product.
  • Partnership - our market is global and we believe in the power of partnership with our customers and suppliers to meet our common objectives.

Career Opportunities

1. Write for BAM Media routine publications or sites

2. Apply for open vacancies.